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Hellenic Green Courier is a sole proprietorship for the delivery of postal items with a General License for the provision of Postal Services by Ε.Ε.Τ.Τ ..
Legally and tax-wise responsible is Pavlos Milissis of Lazaros GR VAT 078512785 of Kallithea Tax Office. The headquarters of the professional activity is located at 196 Andrea Syggrou Ave., Kallithea, PC 17671.
Hellenic Green Courier provides courier services in the Prefecture of Attica such as:
• Delivery the next working day.
• Same day delivery (receipt until 12.00pm and delivery until 18.00).
• Urgent shipments (delivery 1-3 hours after receipt).
• Cash on delivery
• Deliveries on non-working days or holidays etc.
Details of the cost of the services provided and the estimated processing times are in the official price list of the company.
Hellenic Green Courier, undertaking the handling of a postal item, draws up with the user an Individual Contract in which the terms and conditions of its handling are stated. The individual contract should be agreed and notified to the user (sender or recipient) with whom the company concludes the contract and according to which:
1. For each shipment undertaken by the Company, a Courier Shipment Form (SY.DE.TA.) is completed, on which on the one hand it shoes the name of the Company, the VAT, its address and its EETT mark and on the other hand the sender and recipient details, ie name, address, contact telephone and any other information necessary for the execution of the transfer of the object.
2. The Company has the ability, but not the obligation, to request an inspection of the contents of the file / package in order to determine that it is not dangerous to public health or illegal, in accordance with the relevant provisions.
3. The Company has the right to request from the sender up to two official identification documents (such as identity card, passport, driver's license, military ID, residence permit).
4. The Company can refuse the shipment of the object in case it deems that it is dangerous for the public safety and to inform accordingly the competent authorities, including the Ε.Ε.Τ.Τ.
5. The Company has the obligation to deliver the postal item to the address of the recipient to the same or to another person, in case of absence of the recipient.
6. The Company must record in SY.DET.A. any requirements of the consignor for special methods of service (such as overnight service or service within a certain hours or service on a non-working day).
7. The user has been informed by the official price list or by a representative of the Company about the charges that apply to the chosen services.

8. The user has been informed that the charges based on the weight of the object are made either with its actual weight or with the corresponding volumetric (Length X Width X Height / 5000). The charge is made on the higher of the two prices.
9. The user declares if the object is fragile or if it has special value or special transport requirements and the Company can request the payment of additional fees.
10. The company assumes the responsibility of compensating the items in case of destruction or loss, up to the amount of 50 € for files and 300 € for parcels. The value of the object must be proved by the relevant documents on a case by case basis.
11. In cases where the real value of the object exceeds the above amounts or there are other reasons eg emotional value, the user must inform the Company in a timely manner, which will request the payment of additional insurance fees or will refuse the transfer. If the necessary information is not provided, the Company is in no case obliged to pay compensation higher than the aforementioned amounts.
For any dispute that arises between the user and the Hellenic Green Courier and after the user has informed the company in writing of his request within six months from the date of assignment of the service, the company will examine the request and make every effort to compromise. If, however, no compromise is reached, the dispute will be resolved by the competent courts.
For the execution of the services provided by Hellenic Green Courier, it is necessary to disclose to it personal data of the sender and recipient such as name, address, telephone number, identification document etc. The company undertakes to manage or process this data only for the purpose of processing the services provided. More detailed information can be found in the Privacy Policy followed by the company.
   Hellenic Green Courier maintains a Special System for Monitoring and Locating Postal Items (ESPETA) which allows the monitoring and tracking of the postal item of courier and informing the users / consumers about the movement of their shipment , in particular via the Internet, e-mail and telephone and being informed of any change in the identity or handling of the postal item during its journey from the sender to the recipient.

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