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About us

Hellenic Green Courier is a sole proprietorship that offers services of postal delivery of items with a General License for the provision of Postal Services by Ε.Ε.Τ.Τ..

We operate in the region of Attica and our characteristic feature is the means by which we provides our services.

Our goal is to minimize the environmental burden. For this reason, we have chosen to ride bicycles (conventional and electric) and use hybrid cars, while we hope to get purely electric ones soon.

We do not stop only in our means of transportation. We adopt natural resource saving solutions throughout the range of our activity. We have selected the appropriate software to limit the printouts to the absolutely necessary. We also try to recycle whatever can no longer be used.


In this way, we enable our customers to demonstrate their practical environmental awareness with us.

Our intention is to expand our activity to other major cities in Greece.


It is always our pleasure to work with you!

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