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All services provided by Hellenic Green Courier

are governed by the following terms


Hellenic Green Courier (Company), holder of a General Courier License from EETT, undertakes the transfer of files and items on behalf of its clients in accordance with the following general terms, which it considers the user (sender or recipient) has read and accepts unconditionally.
1. For each shipment undertaken by the Company, a Courier Shipment Form (SY.DE.TA.) is created, on which on the one hand it shows the name of the Company, the VAT, its address and its EETT mark and on the other hand the sender and recipient details, ie name, address, contact telephone and any other information necessary for the execution of the transfer of the object.
2. The Company has the ability, but not the obligation, to request an inspection of the contents of the file / package in order to determine that it is not dangerous to public health or illegal, in accordance with the relevant provisions.
3. The Company has the right to request from the sender up to two official identification documents (such as identity card, passport, driver's license, military ID, residence permit).
4. The Company can refuse the shipment of an object in case it deems that it is dangerous for the public safety and to inform accordingly the competent authorities, including the Ε.Ε.Τ.Τ.
5. The Company has the obligation to deliver the postal item to the address of the recipient to the same or to another person, in case of absence of the recipient.
6. The Company must record in SY.DET.A. any requirements of the consignor for special methods of service (such as overnight service or service within certain hours or service on a non-working day).
7. The user has been informed by the official price list or by a representative of the Company about the charges that apply to the chosen services.
8. The user has been informed that the charges based on the weight of the object are made either with its actual weight or with the corresponding volumetric (Length X Width X Height / 5000). The charge is made on the higher of the two prices.
9. The user declares if the object is fragile or if it has special value or special transport requirements and the Company can request additional fees.
10. The company assumes the responsibility of compensating the items in case of destruction or loss, up to the amount of 50 € for files and 300 € for parcels. The value of the object must be proved by the relevant documents on a case by case basis.
11. In cases where the real value of the object exceeds the above amounts or there are other reasons eg emotional value, the user must inform the Company in a timely manner, which will request the payment of additional insurance fees or will refuse the transfer. If the necessary information is not provided, the Company is in no case obliged to pay compensation higher than the aforementioned amounts.
12. The user has the option by phone or in writing (eg by fax or e-mail) and within a time limit and procedures specified by the courier company, to change the delivery address of the item, incurring any additional charge, in case of otherwise service area, based on the price list of the Company.
13. The user is informed about the delivery details (day and time of delivery, name of person who received, etc. from the website of the company or from a representative of the company after a relevant question, by phone, email, etc.).
14. The user has the ability to pick up the postal item with a reservation, recording the relevant reasons for the reservation in the SY.DE.TA. In particular, in cases where the Company has entered the electronic signature of acknowledgment of receipt by the recipient, it must arrange, either for electronic recording of the reservation of receipt or for a relevant written acknowledgment of receipt, as described above, on the SY.DE .ΤΑ. form. The company is obliged to inform the consumer / recipient who wishes to receive with reservation, and the employee of the Company to process the relevant request, in the presence of the recipient. The reservation statement can be made within one (1) day from the receipt of the item by the recipient.
15. The Company is obliged to make every effort for the timely delivery of the items. In case of items for which it was not possible to serve them on the recipients, the Company must at least: a) in the absence of the recipient, issue a written notice to the recipient and return

the item to its place b) plan at least a second attempt delivery of the item to the recipient. c) to communicate by telephone with the sender or the recipient if he encounters difficulties in the delivery and they have been informed of the respective contact telephones.
16. In case of inability to deliver or refusal of the recipient to receive the item, it will be returned to the sender with a charge not exceeding the amount paid for its shipment.
17. Undelivered is considered an object for which the Company has exhausted every possible effort of its performance, based on the above, without result. The Company is obliged to preserve the above undelivered items, but may charge its customers for their safekeeping, with charges that must be notified in advance to them. The storage time is set at six (6) months from the last failed attempt to deliver the item.
18. Postal items that do not fall under the above case, which can not be delivered to the recipient or returned to the sender, will be considered permanently undelivered and the procedure of donation to public or other Institutions or destruction of these items will be followed, after drawing up a relevant disaster report and in accordance with the procedure set by the Company, after at least six (6) months. The items that have been officially withheld or have been declared by the sender as having a value of more than 100.00 euros are excluded from the above procedure, in which case they are returned to Ε.Ε.Τ.Τ ..
19. The Company can receive the signature of receipt by electronic means. The user accepts as the recipient's signature, the electronic signature received during the execution of his order.
20. Cases in which the obligations of the Company regarding the execution of the customer's order do not apply:
a. Force majeure, such as exceptional events, not due to acts or omissions of the company or its associates, the consequences of which make the operation of the company impossible or extremely difficult. In this case, the Company will take all necessary measures to comply with the terms hereof.
b. Proven criminal acts on the premises or means of transport, which result in the loss, damage or destruction of objects under the above paragraph.
c. Non-fulfillment of contractual obligations by users.
d. Actions or acts that are contrary to the laws of the State.
e. Non-fulfillment of the obligation of the company, following the wish of the customer.
f. Proven non-existent request.
g. Proven fault of the customer.

21. When filling in the sender and recipient information, the sender (sender or recipient) is responsible for truth and correctness. Both agree to the use of this information by the Company in the context of the execution of the order and in accordance with the privacy policy that follows.

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