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Our Identity

Hellenic Green Courier is a newly established courier company that operates in the prefecture of Attica, with focus on minimizing the energy footprint during the transportation of items.

The idea came up on the one hand from the search for alternative ways of moving environmentally friendly and on the other hand from the fact that speed of transportation within the city is low.

For the above reasons, we have chosen all our transports to be conducted by bicycles (conventional and electric) or by hybrid and soon by electric cars.

In this way we reduce emissions to a minimum and at the same time enable our customers to contribute to environmental protection by adopting cleaner solutions for handling their products.

Image by Yuyeung Lau


196, Andrea Syggrou Ave. Kallithea 17671

Latitude 37.9552705 Longitude 23.7136121

(+30)6932 371178

Bicycle Shop
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